Outdoor independent photovoltaic power generation program

Issuing time:2020-11-27 22:22

Off-grid photovoltaic systems can convert solar energy into electrical energy for load use. It is an ideal choice for areas without or lack of electricity. According to the needs of use, the off-grid photovoltaic system can be equipped with energy storage equipment, such as energy storage systems such as batteries, so as to store the extra electricity generated for night use.

Modular design, flexible installation

· Stable system operation

· Customized design, battery life can be arbitrarily selected

· Maintenance-free battery with long service life


It is mainly used in remote rural areas, pastoral areas, islands, deserts, border posts that are difficult to cover by the public power grid to provide basic living electricity for lighting, television, radio, etc., as well as communication base stations, highway monitoring, and weather stations.


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