Household photovoltaic power generation program

Issuing time:2017-09-26 14:38

This program is aimed at industrial and commercial users with flat roof buildings. Photovoltaic power stations developed using roof resources such as factory buildings and public buildings. The scale of this type of power station is limited by the effective roof area, and the installed capacity is generally several kilowatts to tens of megawatts; the power generation of the power station is encouraged to be absorbed on-site and directly fed into the low-voltage distribution network or the medium and high-voltage power grids of 35kV and below; component orientation, inclination and The shadow occlusion situation is diversified. This type of power station is the main form of current distributed photovoltaic applications.


· The system is stable and reliable, economical and environmentally friendly

· Enjoy economic benefits and zero carbon emissions

· Spontaneous use, surplus electricity online, enjoy state subsidies

· Modular design, flexible installation

· Crystalline silicon products, beautiful and generous

Scope of application

1. Solutions for large industrial rooftop power stations

· The roof area is large, and the installed capacity is generally above 1MW

· 10kV or 35kV photovoltaic power plants connected to the grid

· The roof is flat, the components are in the same direction, and there is no obstruction

2. Small industrial rooftop power station solution

· Installed capacity is generally above 20kW

· 10kV or 35kV access to the public grid

· The roof structure is complex, the unit area is small, the orientation is inconsistent, and there is partial shelter


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