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TYPE: Not waterproof with fan cooling
Spec.: OUT:800/1000W
TYPE: Not waterproof with fan cooling
Spec.: OUT:600W
TYPE: Not waterproof with fan cooling
Spec.: OUT:300-400W
Spec.: 输出功率:1400W 输出电压:120V/240V 输出电流:11.6A/6A 输出频率:48-51Hz/58-61Hz
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 Shenzhen Grace Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 and is a new technology private enterprise dedicated to photovoltaic power generation micro-inverters. The company takes photovoltaic power generation as its main business, forming four industrial clusters: photovoltaic basic technology research and development, power generation system equipment manufacturing, photovoltaic engineering construction and construction, and large-scale photovoltaic power plant investment. It continuously innovates and upgrades core application technologies and develops different series of off-grid inverters. Grid-connected micro-inverters with powers of 350W/600W/1200W/1400W/600W solar micro-inverters and solar LED street lights have won many national patents and related qualification certificates. The results obtained by the products are our driving force.

The company has an excellent team of technical personnel and advanced scientific and technical equipment. The birth of each product has given our team the strength and innovative spirit. With a rigorous attitude, we focus on excellence and provide customers with the most perfect products. Satisfied.   Quality goal-breakthrough product zero defects, customer satisfaction over 99%
Installation place: Netherlands, system capacity: 98Kw, inverter model: GTB-1400, photovoltaic panel specification: 375W <click to view details>
Installation location: California, France, system capacity: 260Kw, inverter model: GTB-350, photovoltaic panel specification: 350W
Installation location: California, USA, system capacity: 36Kw, inverter model: GTB-1200, photovoltaic panel specification: 300W
Installation case
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Schematic diagram of solar power generation
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Product advantages

01  MPPTtracking  engine
   Optimization of intelligent algorithm,catching sunshine and more accurate max MPPT

02  High generation efficiency
Inverter thermal stability, full power design, can effectively capture enough sunlight

03  5G Internet of things multi-function app monitoring
Do not need to equip with modem, save cost This system is equipped with WIFI communication monitoring, compatible with the future 5G Internet of things module, support multiple languages, android and iphone universal, direct mobile phone qr code scanning code pair connection

04  MCU high efficiency
   Unique power inverter processing core technology, powerful power automatic locking

05  After-sales service
    Products are tested for many times, destructive experiments are conducted, and after-sales commitment is made to ensure timely tracking and handling, within one working day

06 Quality assurance
 Our products are guaranteed for five years, and we provide free spare parts and technical guidance in case of machine failure

Inverter wiring method
wifi version monitor press installation method
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